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Learn Danish at Work

Even though the common language in many Danish companies is English, there are many benefits for both company and employees, when everyone at work understands and speaks Danish.

At Go Danish! we have great success with our intensive Danish courses for companies, who want employees who know Danish.

We are specialists in learning highly educated foreigners Danish in a very short period of time, whether it’s a new CEO, who wants to learn Danish, or a group of foreign employees who already know some Danish, but lack the confidence to use it on a regular basis.

Our courses are always tailored to the need of your organization and your employees’ Danish level, and we test the level of all participants before the start of the course to set realistic goals for each participant.

By the end of the course, we evaluate whether the objectives have been met, and what areas, if any, that need further attention.

Teaching usually takes place at the work place, but your employees are always welcome at our premises.

Contact us if you want to learn more about, how we can give your foreign employees a linguistic upgrading.

We are always happy to give you a free sample lesson.

Former Students

I did not really believe, Go Danish could teach me how to pronounce the words I couldn’t say. I was amazed when my teacher in less than 2 minutes adjusted my pronunciation, so for the first time I could say “Rugbrød” like a “real” Dane.
(Bianca, Romania)

We have really been happy for our time at Go Danish. The course has surpassed our expectations. We have learned a lot. Now we are not so nervous, when we use Danish at work.
(Pablo, Luisa, Heinrich)

I took a course for 2 months. Everything is top notch, teaching was fun, but very professional. Before my course I knew some Danish, but now I can read the news and keep up with what is being said in a Danish movie with Danish subtitles. I recommend Go Danish to anyone who wants to learn Danish.
(Matt, United States)

Individual Tuition

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Team Tuition

Are you a group of employees, who want to learn Danish together?

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