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Private Lessons

Have you just come to Denmark and want to learn Danish as quickly as possible, or do you just want to speak it more fluent?

Then Go Danish! is the perfect choice.

Whether you have taken Danish test 3, or never said a single word of Danish, we tailor your course, so you will quickly want to use Danish in your everyday life.

Our teaching is specifically designed to create rapid linguistic progress with highly educated foreigners.

For instance, we do not use your training time on long pronunciation exercises, because we have developed our own unique learning method, which is so effective, that we can make quick small corrections of your pronunciation on the spot, whenever a word troubles you.

If you already know some Danish, we will also learn you special techniques, allowing you to quickly increase your vocabulary, and teach you how to use it, so that you will soon be able to express what’s on your mind.

How much homework you want, is up to you, and how fast you want to make progress, but if you don’t have the time, we will give it to you in the form of small practical tasks, that you can easily fit into a busy schedule.

What you get:

et får du

  • A tailor-made course based on your wishes and needs
  • Our effective learning concept to ensure rapid progression
  • Near perfect pronunciation of words you have trouble with the first time we meet
  • A large vocabulary in a short time
  • Tuition on your own or in groups
  • Flexible learning hours
  • A free online language test before the start of your course
  • A free planning meeting
  • Free teaching materials
  • Evaluation of your course after 5 times and again at the end
Former Students

I started at Go Danish because I felt my Danish was not good enough. The other day I was talking with a woman while I waited for the bus, and after she praised me for my Danish. I was very proud! If others say they want to learn Danish, I say go to Go Danish.
(Mashama, Zimbabwe)

I could not speak a single word of Danish, before I started taking private lessons. After two weeks of intensive training, I could read online newsstories. Now after one month I am beginning to speak Danish at work. Well done Go Danish!
(Robert, England)

My teacher Maria was incredibly skilled and very patient when she teach me something new, and she always explained it, so it was easy for me to understand. Now I can finally begin to speak Danish with my boyfriend. 1000 thanks from me and Jacob!
(Daniela, Brazil)

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