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At Go Danish! we have a lot of experience with Danish courses for foreigners, who want to learn Danish in a short time.

To be able to teach you as quickly as possible, we have developed our very own unique teaching methods, so that Danish soon becomes a language, you will find it natural to express yourself on.

Although our goal always is to teach you what we think is the world’s most beautiful language as quickly and efficiently as possible, we never go faster, than you will always think learning Danish is fun and motivating.

We teach all over the greater Copenhagen area, and we are just as happy to come to your home as to your working place, just as you are always welcome to visit us in one of our nice locations in Copenhagen.

We look forward hearing from you!

Best regards

Louise and Mette
Managing Directors, Go Danish!

Former Students

Best language course I ever had! Fantastic motivating and better structure than other language schools. Their method for learning is extremely effective, so you just want to learn more and more.
(Alexei, Rusland)

After living five years in Denmark me and my colleague thought, it was time to use our Danish at work. Our teacher made our teaching a perfect fit for both of us. Now we never have spoken so much Danish! Many thanks Louise!
(Liisa, Estonia)

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